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Gimbal Bridge 250 (for gimbal/nodal slide application)

Gimbal Bridge 250 (for gimbal/nodal slide application) Click to enlarge
EUR 145.00 (EUR 114.17 + VAT)
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Model: G250


This multifunctional, 250 mm long nodal slide provides extended features and thus enhances the applicability of Uniqball heads.

Application modes:

  1. It is extremely useful in panorama shooting, where aligning the nodal point of the lens above the rotation axis of the ball head is required for the smooth blending of the neighbouring frames. The Gimbal Bridge is just the perfect device for setting the nodal point.
  2. It is useful for mounting other accessories, especially off-camera flash units (see, hot shoe adapter)
  3. Use as gimbal with light equipment, between 1-1.5 kgs.

For gimbal functioning it is recommended to our Uniqball UBH45 model.

Bolts are not included.


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