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iQuick Plate Slim Red

iQuick Plate Slim Red Click to enlarge
EUR 86.00 (EUR 67.72 + VAT)
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Model: IQPSR

Get to know the brand new world novelty: Universal L-bracket, lens plate and camera plate, 3 in 1! Completely independent of brands and models, this is the one that fits all!


It is a multifunctional quick release plate, that substitutes L-Plates, without covering the cable connection. It can also be used as a normal lensplate for telephoto lens or even telescopes and also as camera plate due to it's adjustable flange plate! 

It is lighter and easier to carry as other common L-plates and it is compatible with every camera (except Olympus MILC).

Color red
Dimensions 100 mm x 38 mm
Hight of the plate 7 mm
Hight of the flange 9 mm
Weight 52 gr
Equipped with an adjustable flange plate at one end and mounting bolt
Compatibility every camera type, except Olympus MILC
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