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UBH 35P Ballhead with ultra-light pano clamp

UBH 35P Ballhead with ultra-light pano clamp Click to enlarge
EUR 399.00 (EUR 314.17 + VAT)
Availability: Ships in 24 hours
Model: UBH35P-1

A Ball Head, a Gimbal and a Pan / Tilt head in one unit! Equipped with a built-in leveling base and an ultra-light pano clamp, with a loading capacity of: 10 kg.



The new Uniqball UBH35P model consists of our well acclaimed revolutionary ball head and a rotating pano clamp resulting an especially suitable setup for making precisely fitted panoramic images easily. The ultra-light pano clamp allows the user to directly switch between quick release plates mounted either on the camera body (simple plate or L-bracket) or a lens collar, i.e. without the need for any additional device such as Allen key or adapter, while enjoying all the advantages of the head. It is a compact and lightweight assemblage, and the pano clamp itself has an ultra-smooth fluid movement that keeps functioning even in -25 °C (-13 °F).  Using the smooth rotating function of the pano clamp you can easily and more securely make videos. Enhance the shooting experience by adding our separately sold accessory Arca style panning arm and 250 Nodal Slide!

Recommended for up to medium size telephoto lenses, i.e. around the maximum weight of 3 kgs ( ~7 pounds):

100-400mm F5.6, 50-500mm F/6.3, 300mm F/4, 400mm F/5.6, 70-200mm F/2.8, 120-300mm F/2.8, 80-400mm F/5.6, 200mm F/2, 400mm F/4, etc.

For the delicate operation of the head it is highly important and recommended to carefully balance the equipment while mounting.

Do not use a longer than 8mm screw to secure the head to any stand, otherwise you can damage the outer shell of the head!

Caution! We recommend to only use the PanoClamp light with Uniqball plates! We do not take responsibility for the jamming and improper behaviour of the head caused by plates of different manufacturer.

In the box:

- Uniqball ball head

- pano-clamp

- Warranty card with PIN code for extended warranty with registration

- Allen key for the plate and for the clamp

- Soft bag

- User manual

Recommended for up to medium telephoto
Load Capacity 22 Ib (10 kg)
Height 3,8" (98 mm)
Tripod Mount Thread Size 3/8"-16
Weight 1.1 Ib (522 g)
Base diameter 2.2" (57 mm)
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