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Uniqball PanoClamp (Uniqball panorama panning base)

Uniqball PanoClamp (Uniqball panorama panning base) Click to enlarge
EUR 135.00 (EUR 106.30 + VAT)
Model: UCPan
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This fully rotating (360°) clamp is an essential device for shooting panoramas and panned videos.  

Compatibility: All accuratelly sized Arca Swiss style plates, such as Uniqball, Arca Swiss, Kirk, RRS, etc., applies to the PanoClamp.


  1. Due to its special design it is directly applicable to UBH45 Uniqball heads as a replacement clamp.
  2. Mounting the accessory swallow-tail plate (provided with the clamp) to the pano-clamp makes it directly attachable to all existing Uniqball clamps (UC45, UC55, Uniqball CrossClamp).
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